How To: Execute a succesful cueball draw in a game of pool

Execute a succesful cueball draw in a game of pool

Cue ball draw refers to the way a cue ball strikes a rack of balls. In particular, if the cue ball is hit low on the ball, when it strikes a rack of balls, for the break, it will have enough backspin to wind its way back to the shooter. The draw, or the backwards spin of the ball is generated by how low the shooter strikes the ball with his cue and the velocity of the cue ball at impact. Successful draw will allow you to have good placement of the ball for future shots. Some draw can be achieved by flipping the wrist or extending follow through, but this isn't dependable. Chalking is very important here. Accuracy and precision are also important. Simply improving your chalking and precision and accuracy will limit the number of miscues and improve the likelihood of repeatedly performing a draw. Concentrate on your movement more than on the ball. Make sure that your stroke is a fluid pendulum stroke. If the motion is right, then you are likely to hit the ball right.

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