How To: Play pool (for beginners)

Play pool (for beginners)

You'll never be able to hustle people at pool if you don't actually know how to play. Watch this video for a beginner's tutorial on playing pool.

You Will Need:
* A pool table
* Quarters
* Billiard stick
* And 2 or 4 players

If there is a line for tables, mark that you have "next game" by placing a quarter into the placeholder on the side of the table. There are many choices for pool cues, but basically the longer one's arms, the longer the cue you should choose. And make sure the tip is in good shape. If he sank both stripes and solids on the break, he gets to choose which pattern he will try to sink. When setting up your shots, pay attention to where the 8-ball is and anticipate where the cue ball will ricochet as to not sink the 8-ball by accident.

Did you know? The dome on Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, conceals a billiard room because in his day playing billiards was illegal in Virginia.

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