How To: Shoot around the angles in pool

Shoot around the angles in pool

This video is about a particular pool or snooker game shot technique called "Shooting or Going around the Angles." The presenter, with a alias name of 'Forcefollow', first describes a particular 9-ball pool game situation that would require this technique, using a computer generated picture image to show an overhead view of the pool table, with the pool balls in question placed at certain locations within the table and showing the various angle trajectories paths of the desired ball to be struck. After informing the viewer what actions he will take to peform the technique, he switches over from the computer image to live video, where he personally demonstrates the technique several times. allowing the viewer to see how he is holding the stick and at what angle he is striking the desired pool bar and finally seeing the actual movement of the ball as it traverses through the desired pathway. During this live demonstration, he provides additional commentary explaining the motivation and reasoning behind some of the steps -- in particular he speaks of the "running English" that is along the pool table rail and is a contributing factor in determining how far the cue ball will travel.

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