How To: Train using the wagon wheel cue ball control method

Train using the wagon wheel cue ball control method

In this video tutorial you are told how to use the Wagon Wheel Cue Ball Control training method. This is called Wagon Wheel because each target ball is aligned to RESEMBEL the spokes of a wagon wheel. Set your cue ball and your object ball in the same position each time. The objective is getting the cue ball to one balls width of the target ball. Using THE FOLLOWING cue ball, direction and speed. By using a piece of chalk the instructor helps line up the balls. By using either a quarter stick draw or a full stick draw he shoots the cue ball coaxing the target balls to the positions or pocket(s) he desires. You increase your draw as you play the balls until you probably will be usually a tip and a half of draw to shoot. He will urge you to go to his sight to find more diagrams that can help your game, like the one at the beginning of this video. You will also find drills and table LAYOUTS.

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